Accidental approving?

I have habit (last couple months) to upload 10 files...and DT team has got habit to refuse one of them:)

OK, nobody and nothing is perfect (I mean own pictures). Some are rejected for Poor execution, some - for Too many on site but today I've got this reason:

- File approved by accident. We apologize for the inconvenience but the image needs to be removed.

I wonder what was wrong with my file, is it state secret to not say to me? Folks, did anybody ever receive such reason?

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March 08, 2011


Folks, thanks for sharing! Now I feel much better. Just I've got mad of this word "accident". By my meaning it is not for serious business. I think that Rosedarc has right...pihh, it is just one pic. I prefer to make couple more than to moan to support!
Ha, and we are just two among whole DT community who has got such message - wow, we are special!! :))

March 08, 2011


Never happened to me, but Fra is right: send an e-mail to support they usually are very kind and fast.

March 08, 2011


You should contact support and ask. They are very helpful and they answer back within 24 hours

March 07, 2011


Maybe the reviewer meant to reject the file and pressed the wrong button, oops, just like when you send a wrong email and try to get it back. Must be a bit disappointing but I guess it shouldn't be taken personally.

March 07, 2011


Weird... I never have received this message.

March 07, 2011


Hm...I understand this. But mine was just ugly germ with thermometer...I don't believe that it can be copyrighted...and it seems to be not in my port even 1 minute.

March 07, 2011


Yes I received once. They never told me but I figured it out.
I had some toy photographed and it was a known toy where the manufacturer could be identified by the design, (not Lego) but something similar. So after being on the site for some month and selling, it was removed.
After a week or so they sent a mail with the explanation, "accidental approval".

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