Achieved goal I set on Lacrosse images...

I Made it!!! and then some...

At the beginning of this month I set a personal goal to have 50% of the lacrosse images on this site. Not a large goal for a big company, but as a small contributer it was a little more challenging. I did manage to get a few model releases, but the images were beginning to look a lot alike. So I broke down and submitted several as editorials. This allowed me to increase my numbers, and get more of the better action shots on line.

So, how does it break down?

Previous results (Aug 1st)

Lacrosse search results 85

- Nothing to do with lacrosse or sports 10

- Shots of Bleachers and seats 6

- Shots of soccer nets 8 (lacrosse netting has smaller spaces)

Leaving 61

My Images 31

And now search for lacrosse currently returns the following results:

Matches - 130

Unrelated listed above - 24

My images - 76

Overall of all search results My images account for 58.46%

Less the non lacrosse images mine account for 71.7%

In both cases, I have exceeded 50% of the images. I know this is no baseball or football, but a small victory for myself....

What's next? Still working on the composition of a sports shot, but I plan on continuing to build the lacrosse portfolio here on Dreamstime, while working on some of the other subjects. Though I don't expect to achieve this goal on any other subject, but will work on maintaining it here for lacrosse.

Maybe there's a few bird species I can dominate in....

Photo credits: James Boardman.

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September 13, 2008


Hey Jim,

That's terrific! By the way, thank you for adding me as a favorite photographer. It's funny, because after looking at your blogs I noticed you and I have found and developed a very similar sport niche here on DT. I've carved my spot with NASCAR images the way you have with lacrosse.

I didn't go through and count the images that shouldn't have been tagged NASCAR (there are A LOT), but even with out doing that I have 275 of the 472 (58.2%). When I first started, there were 3 pages, and only 3 of the images were actual photos and directly related to NASCAR. Now there are 24 pages:)

Just out of curiosity, did you report the mis-tagged images - soccer nets listed as lacrosse nets, etc? There really are several dozen images that are completely mis-tagged.

Anyways, it's was great seeing your images and hearing about someone else who found their own spot, especially with 3 million plus images on DT! Your bird photos add great balance to your portfolio! Good luck and keep shooting.

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