Achievement in the first month

Feb.27,that's the day my first photo was approved and was available online in DT. Upon today, one month passed quickly, how I get here?

Maybe I'm very lucky photographor in DT, because I've saled my images in 22 times in this month, although all I've earned is not so many, but the satisfaction from the downloaded images is more than what I gained in economy! For a photographer who just takes photo in spare time, the acceptance of your work is really a pleasant thing.

Totally, 14 images of 98 accepted images on my profile were selt in 22 times, 3 of 14 images were downloaded in 3 times from Feb,27 to Mar,27. The three images:

From my 3 most popular images in this month, a conclution is the images of plants are welcome and have good sales, but some images that I considered should have a good sale don't show good achievement, such as these images:

No one sale of such images(on right), I think maybe they need more views and Time can check which one is popular or not, let's just waiting!

Photo credits: Zhuang Hua.

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April 03, 2008


It's good news for a newbie,:) :) , I had saw some pictures in your portfolio ,it's very good and I think the download will be more in the future.

April 03, 2008


Keep trying. You have an excellent eye, and the "green tendril" shots are just stunning.

March 31, 2008


thats great you have done so very well. your work is lovely..

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