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and..... ACTION!!


In the last few monthes I found myself another interesting subject to shoot and thas is sports. I took my camera to two events so far - a marathon run and a triathlon race. Seeing the effort that these athlets are putting is amazing. There are a lot of happenings and interesting stuff to see and shoot.

Another chalange is speed. As these athlets are pretty fast you have a very short time to notice, capture, focus and taking your photo. Of course good gear can assist you in these cases. I use my Nikon D200 and my 17-55 of 70-200 lenses. Both of them has F 2.8 which allows me to isolate the athlete which I'm shooting (focus wise) and work with high shutter speeds.

In order to get the best results I set my area focus to all image and in which the camera focuses on moving objects. In addition to that I use continious focusing which helps me not to lose photo opportunities.

The photos from my last event turned out to be really beautiful!! I see improvement from my first event and I hope to keep on that trend. Athoer indicatio nto that improvement was that I just

had my second editor's choice!! :)

I hope you found this Blog interesting and useful and that I encouraged you to start trying it for yourselves!!

Bye, until next time,


Photo credits: Amilevin.

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July 07, 2009


I really liked the last photo with the kids - because you can see the spray, it feels very real - almost as if the viewer is in the event that is photographed! I almost felt as if I were getting wet!

July 03, 2009


Hi great shots I have been doing more activity shots my self and enjoy that. Congratulations on the editors choice. Peter

July 02, 2009


Cmarshall717 - You will have only one problem by renting those lenses, after you'll use them so will go bananas who can you raise money in order to purchase them - AMAZING lenses.

Wildmac - You made my day! I didn't know I can have that positive influence on photographers here. You encourage me to keep on writing Blogs and you warmed my heart. I hope all of your family will feel better so you can also live life to its full!! best regards.

July 01, 2009


Nice shots. Have you had those two lenses long, and do you like them? I am renting both of them from for a wedding I am shooting in a couple weeks. I'm hoping to get good results with them.

July 01, 2009


I like your zest for life, you are always doing/trying something new! It encourages me to get out there and try new things too. I've had a bad week with my 2 kids down with the flu and then a tummy bug in the youngest one. It makes me think more about my rejections this week. Thanks for the pick-me-up :0)

July 01, 2009


Congrats for your second editor's choice photo, Ami! Well deserved!
Nice and useful blog! Keep sharing!

July 01, 2009


Thanks Richard!! I hope you'll have your second one soon.. :)

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