Action writing in PS, Easier post-processing

Hi all,

Its very early in the morning, so a cup of coffee is in order.

In the spirit of DT, I would like to make myself available, for any help that I can, about doubts with Actions in PS.

Definition of an Action in Photoshop:

The ability to record a series of steps or processes that are used repeatedly.

These actions are kept available for reuse in the Actions palette.

A very simple example:

My folders are: Work in Process / Finals / Uploads

In my workflow, I am post-processing an image from Work in Process. I think it is ready. So I have an action that saves the TIF to the Finals folder and a JPG to the Uploads folder. I have that action resident on a functions key, say F1.

All in 1 keystroke.

It may seem overkill, but if you have to do this umpteen times before uploading, it saves at least 5 or 6 keystrokes. or worse, Menu locations, 2 browser locations for the folders, plus the JPG saving routine.

So, if anybody has some doubts about Actions, I would gladly help.


Photo credits: Billdayone.

Your article must be written in English



Great little article


nice subject shared. thanks.


Nice share,thank you :)


Thanks for sharing, I wish you good luck!


Yes something I found very cumbersome, especially when lifting the pictures from oen folder, processing it and saving in another folder. This should reduce some of my clicking (and if one is not concentrating then it lands up some where else !!)


nice share.




Thanks for sharing!

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