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Add That Third Dimension

Tony is currently writing a series of tutorials for Photoshop, so I thought I'd start encouraging folks here to try 3D. "Why go 3D?" you ask. Because in 3D work, you can once again begin to play with light and shadows. You can create without the need for drawing skills at all. Much like photography, you can work with models that have already been created, dress them to fit your need, pose them as you choose, add lighting, backgrounds, and render into some truly stunning shots.

You can also create some stunning shots from very few items as well. A quick search through the computer generated illustration category yielded some great shots that were difficult to distinguish from photos. Some of the ones I found were so good, I couldn't tell the difference until I looked at the keywords! This one tree, set against a number of skies formed quite a few images!

Photo credits: Byron Moore, Liudmila Gridina, Spectral-design.

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September 17, 2007


Cathy, if you download Bryce 5.5, available free here, Bryce 5.5, it will get you started. There is also another program available from the same company, called DAZ Studio that you can use as well. Have fun!

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