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Addiction to work....

In fact the world Addiction has lot of meanings and phrases. Some of which is good, while others which are bad.

Most of the people nowadays are working hard, and some are obliged to work two jobs, sometimes three at the same time. This is due unfortunately to requirements of life nowadays.

In the past years, people used to work and live happily and relaxed, even with one job. Nowadays, even with multiple jobs, and more than a person in the family is working, it is becomming insufficient.

This miserable routine, unfortunately, is getting people to become addicted to work more than their social, and private lifes. It may not apply to all, but it is applied to most.

This addiction have started showing negative signs in the person's life. People have started to get far from each other, loosing their social lifes, their families, beloved ones, friends which they have grown up with, or the ones they get to know recently.

The frequently asked question is why? What is the reason behind that?

The simple and truthfull answer is the economic lifestyle that is ongoing nowadays.

I hope that anyone can give other reasons other than that.

After passing through a lot, I found out that addiction to work is leading to only one way, a person loosing his/her health first, then everything around him.

Photo credits: Christian De Grandmaison.

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January 17, 2011


Capitalism is the new religion of the world , has been built on consuming more and more. Anybody who went out to street, including childs , starts to want everything he or she sees around.

"Economic Lifesytle" is an epidemic, which is also designed by the kings of Capitalism.

To consume more , you have to earn more obviously. And for sure , the only way to achieve this is to work harder and harder. As it is explained in the book of "Hidden Brain" by Shankar Vendetam we are very inclined to join a group psychology . If a friend buys a new phone , we want to buy the same too...

Thanks god that I am retired , and working for my own and not a consuming maniac.

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