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Some time ago I started uploading additional format (RAW files) for the pictures I sell with dreamstime. The RAW format files brought me some income in the beginning, but the it turned out to be just a temporary thing.

I was wondering how additional format file sales turn out for you.

This is the image that brought me the most income from selling additional format files up until now.

Good luck,


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June 22, 2013


Many thanks - this has answered my question. Was going to spend some time today uploading RAW files but think I will do something else instead! Regards

October 06, 2012


I have been uploading RAW files without selling any. After reading this, I may stop.

October 03, 2012


I would like to know this answer too! does having a raw format help sell an image? who is getting a better sale out of it? I have uploaded at least a dozen raw files, but never sold one yet. inquiring minds want to know!

October 03, 2012


Good point. thank you!

October 03, 2012


I have uploaded a few RAW files and then stopped completely for the exact reasons given. They are the proof that you took the photograph.

October 03, 2012


Your choices are up to you, but I will never sell my raw files.
They are the proof that I own the copyright of my images.
And it feels like a potter selling the clay instead of the pots.

October 03, 2012


So far I haven't even tried to upload RAW's - so thanks for asking Alexandra and I too am looking forward for answers on this :)

October 03, 2012


I've got one additional RAW format for one pic so far, but haven't sold it yet. Selling a RAW file seems to be an interesting income for a contributor, but is also expensive for a buyer.
If we would know how big the part of sold RAWs is for DT, we could reconsider this (a little time-consuming) option for all our uploaded files.

Let's see what other contributors have to say.

Cheers, Massimo

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