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Last month i decided i wanted to part from my old Canon 400D and its kit lens. Now I face one big decision: which Canon body should become my "new partner in crime"?

At the moment my options are the follwing:

1. Canon 7D

2. Canon 5D mark II

3. Canon 6D (which will soon be available for sale).

Now I know, the first one is a crop camera and the second and third one are full frame cameras. You can now buy a new 7D camera for quite a good price and although it is a crop camera it has a lot of key features of high-end cameras.

In order to buy one of the two full frame cameras I'd probably have to get at least 500 EURO more out of my pocket, but I'd be willing to spend that money for a full-frame. At this point I have to say that all my lenses are compatible with Canon full-frame cameras. If I compare the specs from the 5DmII and the 6D, I cannot decide which one to pick. A few years old and good reviews vs. new and untested?

I'd be very grateful, if you could help me get to a conclusion.



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October 05, 2012


Thanks for the advice! I'll wait for the 6D to be available and compare the specs.

October 04, 2012


I decided to get a 5D Mark III at the end of this year (Christmas season promotion's sale) before the announcement of the 6D. As I am more in travel and landscape photography, the GPS and Wifi are more attractives for me the the 63 AF ;) I will wait and will compare the Specs at that time to get either 5D or 6D.

October 03, 2012


When I decided I will sell my 400D in order to upgrade, 6D wasn't announced. So I decided for the 7D, because after comparing the specs with the 5DmII, i found theoretically it should offer more performance. So, I wasnt willing to pay the money difference for one reason, full-frame camera. Then they announced the 6D, the specs look pretty impresive, it should be around 100euros more expensive than the 5DmII. So that changes everything. There was only one question left like you ask yourselves when you buy a new car: should I go for the old model with facelift, because it has probably been tested and improved or should I take the new model because they promise great new technology?

October 03, 2012


I would expect the 6D to perform very nicely from a sensor point of view, even compared to the 5D mark II. You will get better low light performance from the 6D in terms of AF, and it has the expanded microadjust that allows for settings at each end of a zoom lens. Also included wifi and GPS. Slightly smaller size. Biggest negatives with the 6D that I can see: takes SD only (presumably you have compact flash). Tough call on the 7D plus cash versus the 6D. As someone who moved from a Canon 7D 'down' to micro four thirds I'm the wrong guy to ask on whether full frame is worth it - I clearly don't think it is :) That said, if I was willing to stick with a 7D size body, I'd make the jump to the 6D at the moment. The new 40mm f/2.8 pancake is a more useful lens on full frame...and hard to pass up. Your 50mm f1.4 and wide zoom would take on new life on a full frame sensor, assuming you aren't hell bent on corner sharpness wide open!

October 03, 2012


Working with a 400D too, my choice was to upgrade to a 7D a few years ago. (My 400D is a very good camera by the way. It is still in use.)

The best advice is to make a list of things that you want to do with your new camera, make a comparison of their posibilities and choose the one that fits best to your needs.
Also keep in mind that you need lenses of good quality for all these cameras.
And that the 7D is the fastest when you need to shoot sports/action.

But no matter which from this three you choose: it is a big step forward from the 400D and you will not regret your choice!

October 03, 2012


I would go for the new 6D....also look at what genre you prefer and compare the abilities of each to what you prefer...landscapes or portraits...action or macro and see which one will give you the best. Good luck.

October 03, 2012


I would go for the 5D Mark II (or wait for the 6D reviews and decide after). I use a Canon 450D and after testing a friend's full frame camera, I feel my little 450D is not enough anymore. :)

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