Admins and Reviewers Contest

There are always contests for submitters and buyers. Now it's time to test out our dear admins and reviewers. We all love you, so you can be sure about 100% support from us in this.

Here's a deal: The Game has proven to be a great tool in evaluating somebody's stock orientation. So I thought, it's time to test how stock oriented are our admins and reviewers. Who does it the best and whom should everyone else listen to in the office.

And, here are the current results:

1. Constantin - 85 (rank 14, 10582 points, 86 games played)

2. Martine - 81 (rank 7, 2909 points, 26 games played)

3. Andrei - 78 (rank 40, 87009 points, 1219 games played)

4. Serban - 77 (rank 23, 30039 points, 383 games played)

5. Petar - 77 (rank 24, 30668 points, 339 games played)

6. Sebastian - 76 (rank 21, 23720 points, 282 games played)

7. Ioana - 75 (rank 19, 19151 points, 248 games played)

8. Rui - 73 (rank 51, 142923 points, 2958 games played)

9. Andreea - 73 (rank 29, 45787 points, 646 games played)

10. Kutt - 72 (rank 11, 6062 points, 85 games played)

11. Marius - 72 (rank 33, 60535 points, 800 games played)

12. Kathy - 71 (rank 8, 3385 points, 53 games played)

13. Stelian - 69 (rank 8, 3771 points, 62 games played)

14. Carmen - 68 (rank 6, 2055 points, 42 games played)

15. Catalina - 58 (rank 14, 10615 points, 188 games played)

Not opened their score yet:





* I was wondering if Sid could play,

but then decided to count on his honesty. ;)

The Contest starts today and lasts exactly one year. I'll check back on Aug 8th 2011, 00:00 GMT. So you'll have plenty of time. :)

There's no enrollment fee. Every admin and reviewer (current and future) is enrolled (if I forgot somebody, please let me know). There's no way to leave the Contest, unless you'll leave the agency of course, but that's what we wouldn't want to see. So I hope, that you all will participate the Contest with honor and passion.

The results will be announced on Aug 10th 2011, here in Dreamstime blog. There will be 2 winners. They should be admins or reviewers at the moment when contest ends. One winner will be the contestant with the highest percentage and second will be the most improved contestant. The formula how it will be calculated will be revealed after the contest or right after DT has publicly revealed the formula of DreamFinder. PS: Formula don't include my acceptance ratio. ;P So, that doesn't help.

There will be awards for first place winners - something sweet and Estonian, but what exactly the winners will see next year. The other places will get honor and praise.

So, good luck with the Contest! :)

Photo credits: Mary Katherine Wynn, Martinmark, Pressmaster, Semisatch.

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:) Thanks Cathy. I was sure everybody gets the joke.
But the Contest is serious. ;)


Lol... Maigi, you are too funny! Well done! ;O)


LOL, Rui. But I'm afraid you are not ready to loose your position in the table of Rank Game highest scores.


Hum, guess it's time to reset my score... :P


Guys slow down with your problems to the support! Don't leave Ioana an excuse :P
Let's put it this way Ioana play or I will blog! :P :)))


Maigi always has our back and now we get to see which of the "powers that be" are the best!! Love it!.....It seems that right now Rui should get the trophy for "most addicted"! ;)))


lol, reviewers reviewed? nice touch ;-)
Definitely. We are keeping an eye on you always. :)


Will you pay for the iPod? ;-)
I guess if I will buy one then I will pay for it. Though I wouldn't want to... ;))) Or what was the question again? ;))


lol, reviewers reviewed? nice touch ;-)


Great blog.... LOL


Will you pay for the iPod? ;-)


;) We will see, Ioana... :))
Good luck both of you!


Since I'm very busy with solving contributor problems I don't play the game much. And I don't think the problems will slow down to let me play :))


Oh :) I haven't played the game for a while :). If there is something sweet involved, then I'd better start playing it again.


LOOOOL, Desi... Couldn't manage it without your help. :)))
Thank you for your comments, guys!


Great idea! This is a really special contest! Let's meeting here in dt blog NeXT year!!!


LOL Catcha! You used the calculator, didn't you?


:)) Yes, I am one. You are the one also. That makes us two. Wow... I can count! LOL


LOOOOOOL! Maigi! You're the one!!!! :)))))


LOL Maybe I should have added only games played at leisure time count? :)))


We are staying maybe one month sometimes with our photos and illustration in pending, and our dear admins and reviewers are playing games. Very nice. Thank you.


LOL! :D Great idea! I´m curious who will win and what the award will be!? Good luck! ;)


good luck to you all


What idea for blog!:))


I hope not only playing. :)))) They have plenty of time to win, so it must leave some time for reviewing images and developing business. :)


LOL great idea Maigi! Now you will put them hours just playing :)))

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