Adobe Bride quits when you click on preferences (mac)

Anybody encountered this issue, that the Adobe Bridge (CS3) is very slow in displaying the thumbnails, or when you click on preferences it quits. I did face this issue, so here is the solution.

First quit Adobe Bridge,

Delete the system preference folder located Users/[Username]/Library/Caches/Adobe/Bridge CS3 and delete this folder.

Now open bridge holding option and command keys, you will get a pop up windows, check the first two check box, Reset Preferences, and Purge Entire Thumbnail Cache, and click OK. Things should return to normal. You can try to clear the cache only to save the custom preference you created.

Please note if you clear the entire preferences, you need recreate the custom preferences. Hope this helps someone.

Bottom line use bridge to manage your files and workflow, this is one software which makes your life much easier. ( I'm not promoting this product, but it helps your workflow better)

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Photo credits: Richard Hoffkins, Maigi, Rebeccaosborn, Roberto Giovannini.

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Please read it as Adobe Bridge not bride, a simple typo, cant edit it again.

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