Adobe Illustrator - Fighting Again With Pixels

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Hello Everyone:

Long time no talk. To make a long story short, I have been inactive on Dreamstime for quite a while after the loss of my sweetheart in 2011. But life's worth living, and I am back with plenty of inspiration. As I wrote in my first article, I am new to illustration making and still have a whole lot to learn. This time--and I hope someone here can give me a clue as how to resolve this problem--I am struggling with raster effects when I am using the 'feather' and/or 'drop shadow' options. The rest of the illustration looks great as vector should be, but when I enlarge the image over 100% plus I can see the pixels in the shadows and it is very frustrating. Illustrator is a great tool and I cannot believe that there is nothing I can do to solve this issue. If anybody outthere has a solution for me, please respond to me as I will be tremendously appreciative of your input.

Thanking you in advance and good luck to all with your creativity and sales.


Photo credits: Lise Goulet.
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  • Ste-marthe-sur-le-lac, Canada
The lens of a camera can accomplish much more than a single image on a piece of paper; it can be powerful enough to change the World. I would love to know how my photos or illustrations are used. Please do not hesitate to let me know. Thank you.

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November 13, 2013

Easy answer is don't use photoshop effects in Illustrator....If you look on the net you can find tuts telling you alternatives to using drop shadows and raster effects in Illustrator.....Hope this helps you


November 12, 2013

Hi lise,,
I try the illustration one time,I'm not exPert, but I know up in photoshop in 'image' you have 'size of image' or when u open new page of work put dimention that u need and down put 300 pixels. I hope I'm right