Adventure begins!

Hello to all,

My name is John, I'm 34, I love nature and animals. I'm Italian, so sorry for my English :) Start now by saying that for some time now I have found my real passion ... I heard born, and now I'm really sure, I love the photos, I love watching them, I love them and I love to express myself with them. So I want to begin this ... Dreamstime. Certainly I have much to learn, but the passion will make sure that this is not an obstacle, but a path, with the sole purpose to form me, make me even more good. Maybe I will not sell 'anything (I hope not :)), but I know have tried it anyway, and most importantly, I will become a good photographer thanks to this community. Grabbing advice from you and criticisms always welcome. I should point out that on my profile at the moment, I have about 9 photos for sale, go back a few years ago, taken with an Olympus, but then put it aside ... I did not understand ... the real passion begins now :)

Now, I want you list my equipment, very entry level, but for me, of great importance:

Nikon D3200

Nikon 18-55 vr

Tamron 70-300

Those that list now, I will arrive within the next week

Two flash yongnuo 560 III

and other tools (tripod, softbox etc etc)

Now I close this article, I think this post will suffice as a slideshow

Dreamstime Thank you for letting me be a part of this great family.

Photo credits: Giovanni Guastella.

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February 14, 2014


^_^ Thx ^_^

February 14, 2014


Welcome Giovanni!

February 13, 2014


Welcome Back!

February 13, 2014


thx guys ^_^

February 13, 2014


Good - now start shooting photos and upload them - you are in a great community! Wish you all the best!

February 13, 2014


Welcome back to Dreamstime.

February 13, 2014


welcome and happy shooting!

February 12, 2014


good drink :)

February 12, 2014


welcome back, i'll go grab a beer and drink it:))
cheers, have fun and bring us good pictures:D

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