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As you can see from my portfolio, I am adventuring in Nicaragua quite frequently at the rate of 4-5 times per year. My destination is always Big Corn Island where I go for the usual of R&R and the unusual of greater understanding of life through interactions with native Nicaraguan Islanders who live a much different life, although quite similar in certain respects, to my life in a suburban enclave of New York City. Of course all houses in my small village in New York have electricity, indoor toilets, hot water heating systems and more while many of my native friends live in houses duly constructed of sheet metal which the locals (and I) call "zinc houses".

Often there is no power source and no running water in the houses and quite frequently the toilet is an outhouse on the skirt of the jungle.

Similarities: family, love, community.

The happiness factor: If I may take the liberty to surmise, the happiness factor is quite a few notches higher for my friends with zinc houses and dirt floors than for many of my friends living in mansions driving the latest foreign suv.

This is what keeps me OOC (out of country) befriending people of all socio-economic backgrounds to enhance my understanding of life, as it were.

Photo credits: Robert Lerich.

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May 01, 2012


Nice images! Thanks for share!

May 01, 2012


Nice article. Living without mortgage, debt, stress from work etc. makes you more happy than having an SUV and a big screen plasma TV. I bet they don't even miss the stuff we all want. In the west (including myself) we are always in a hurry and a day is always to short.

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