Advise - never judge your boring pictures! YOU MIGHT BE SHOCKED WHERE YOUR PICTURE ENDS UP!

Sometimes when you are taking soo many pictures of a subject, they all start to look and feel like a big blur to the photographer.

I live near many vineyards and forget that just because I have access to the vineyards doesn't mean the whole world does. :) Advise is do not take your surroundings for granted, instead use it to your advantage if you have beautiful scenery surrounding you!

I almost did not post this picture because I thought it was to boring to post because I have taken a million pictures of wineries and want to do something super creative before I submit. Well guess what! I was wrong!

My opinion and job as a photographer is not what matters. What matters is the stock footage that I thought was so boring ended up being noticed by Charlie Brennan the famous KMOX AM radio host that was named "one of the most influential" by the St.Louis Business Journal!

I posted the article he wrote below on the link, giving credit to my dreamstime picture he wrote an article about French wine and decided my picture was the fit for the story! How inspiring is that!

I am so shocked!

I wanted to personally thank The radio station, and Mr. Brennan for picking my work to use in the article. Even though it seems like a simple picture...the story behind the scenes is that it took 12 hours being in the hot 40 degrees sun in Canada, and yes it is worth all the hiking thru miles of vineyards and orchards if someone is going to showcase the work in the end!

So, advise to all you photographers that think you should not submit what you think might be your boring pictures, remember, simple sells, and there is always a story that needs that picture, so stop judging your own work and let the buyer do the deciding! Your job is to keep up the volume of every subject that you have available in your city, and do not stop all those adventures it takes to get the job done!

Use the outdoors as your studio and take advantage of what is around you! Not everyone is as lucky as you, to have the environment you live in!

People that live in the city live in a cement jungle and do not have access to trees, lakes, and vineyards 5 minutes away like I do in the country. If you are living on a beautiful island and see it every day stop being bored and start taking action with your expensive camera!

Take advantage of those sunny days and go outside everyday and start taking every angle of your subject to make the pictures tell a story.

Key words are very important to. Just because you took the picture in Canada, does not mean you need to label it that way. If your picture looks like France, or Europe, then tag it that way like I did...and It just might end up on an article that has a legacy in French culture, even though you have never been their shoot your pictures, shoot the scene as if you live there already!

Thank you Charlie Brennan for being the boss of my portfolio ( ha ha ) :) and letting your eye decide what kind of pictures should be in my portfolio...and to my fellow photographers.....the person writing the article has a vision just like a photographer does so let them do the job of visualizing the article and let the photographer keep posting everything!

Vineyards in Europe! Vineyard close up billboard

Photo credits: Project007.

Your article must be written in English

March 22, 2019


Thank you for these advices.

March 11, 2019


Nice image, congrats!

March 08, 2019


Yep it is great to see our pictures published. And as your story illustrates we shall never underestimate certain images. Sometimes what we value as our best images are not what sellers need or want, and by another side we are surprised how some prosaic and simple images can be so much wanted :)Congratulations

March 07, 2019


It is an exciting thrill at times to see a photo purchased and wonder, "how did that photo sell?". You never really know, so just keep shooting and posting! Great job! Willam

March 05, 2019


I think this photo is fine!

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