Advise to create a blue sky with no editing

This article is for new photographers to stock footage and dreamstime! The world of stock footage is not the same as regular photography so here are tips for people that love to use Photoshop and editing software. The best advise I can give is stop using editing tools period!

Your camera has all the settings it needs to capture the true essence of a blue sky and nobody in the editing world on this site likes to see pictures enhanced with color!

You usually will get a rejection just by making your nature pictures extra pretty😉 All the pictures on my site show bright blue sky and none of them have been edited! In fact no picture on my site has been edited!🤗

I use to waste soooo much time editing before I knew the system on here and when I stopped editing dreamstime started accepting all my pictures- barely rejecting any now!

It took a lot of experimentation so I thought I should share this news with everyone new on here... stop wasting time on editing and enhancing color and leave it natural!

Enjoy your day off when it's rainy and miserable outside instead of sitting all day on your computer creating more color correcting edits that will just be rejected in the long run!

So what is my simple advise to you?? Again, you just wait for nature to paint the sky so many shades of blue, and leave your camera to capture it!

You can play with the settings on your camera, and see how sharp the blue colors in nature turn out on each setting and shoot away!

Designers that want to buy your pictures really want you to leave the picture raw and natural because they want to be the ones editing a vision they already created that you are not involved in 😉

Your job is to create the first layer or art for them and let them do all the work that is a total waste of time for a stock image photographer !

Your job is to be outside and capture nature at its finest and then spend the time on your computer uploading .... uploading .... and uploading!

Who has time to edit when your a one person show? Shoot quality only and you don't need to fix anything! Only editing I suggest is when people are in the pictures and that article will be on a separate blog😉

Take care !


To get the true look at the sky please double click on the photo so it opens in full :)

Hay Rolls and beautiful blue summer sky

Hay Rolls

Photo credits: Project007.

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December 05, 2018


Celiaak...thank you for your support !! Your an inspiration on this site!! High five to you for all the beautiful work you do!!

December 05, 2018


Fabio ... thank you for advise and compliment!!😉 Your page is so inspirational!! Congratulations on all your sales! You must do a blog on advise about what you do to get that much traffic 😁Amazing work!!

December 05, 2018


Rrosen... those ship pictures on your site are amazing!!! If you have access to ships and water craft like this you have serious footage for travel magazines! Beautiful!

December 05, 2018


Hi Rrosen! The grain is usually from not enough light... so forget editing... just invest in a high quality flash for outdoors and start lighting up your subjects.. even in the sun! The above pictures shot outside has flash😉

December 05, 2018


So what do you do with the grain? I have had rejections from photos with too much grain. Now I correct them before I submit them

December 05, 2018


In fact you have to be very careful: use filters of excellent quality (I use those of the nik collection), and always sparingly as they can degrade the quality of the image! Great blog!

December 04, 2018


Great advise. I make no editing either ;)

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