Africa - A Paradise For Photographers (Part III)

Hi again,

Well, after vising SA, Namibia & Botswana we got to Zambia & Zimbabwe.

Between those two countries you'll find the mighty Zambezi river as border. This amazing river has the most powerful waterfalls I have ever seen!!

At some points reaching the height of 120m(!!) which creates those amazing rainbows as you can see:

The Zambezi river 5

The Zambezi river

The Zambezi river

I also did my first time ever rafting, only after the rafting I realize it was a level 5 which is not the best idea to do as first rafting... :)

Luckily I came back in one piece.. :)

One last thing i actually a pretty sad one, the situation in Zimbabwe now is pretty poor. The political unstable situation creates impossible reality. Seeing people have to cross the border and stading in a long line for some bread make you feel pretty lousy. Hope things will get better over there soon.

That's it for now.

Next time I'll publish my last part of this series - the amazing island of Zanzibar.

Hope you enjoyed it,


Photo credits: Amilevin.
  • Amilevin
"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list" - Susan Sontag

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good for you enjoy life to the fullest great pictures.


Thanks Elifranssens,

And those photos were taken in the dry season - imagine the wet one... :)


I've also been to Zimbabwe and Botswana but quite some time ago (1998) before the situation in Zimbabwe got as bad as it is now. There were already signs of its demise but it was only one or two years later that things started getting worse. Like you said, let's hope things will finally get better.

For what concerns the photography, obviously I still used an old camera with film so I've got no photos to put up here. Glad you did! Brings back some memories...


Thanks Desi, I wish me boss would think that way either.. :) maybe he would give me more days off...


Beautiful photos again! Congrats!
I like your motto "I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list" (Shaka Zulu). You're definitely working on it :)


Your welcome, and it did work like magic, you got some wonderful shots on this trip, and an editors choice :0)


Thanks for your detailed comment, I wasn't sure that is was the largest and I didn't want to mislead - Thanks for that info.
Like all my articles this one is a warm recommendation by my side as well.
Regarding the spray you mentioned - I shot with my Nikon D200 which is weather proof. Had no troubles over there.
Namibia was more difficault in the sand storms areas, what I did over there is taking the most simple nylon bag, make a hole in diameter of my lens and holding it between the lens and a filter I had - worked like magic!! :)


Once again, some very nice images, and a wonderful place to visit. The mighty Zambezi lends itself to creating the largest waterfall on the earth as well as one of the seven natural wonders of the world, you will know by being there the magnitude and beauty of these falls. Zimbabwe is in turmoil, but it is still a wonderful place to visit as the political mayhem has not reached (as much) the rural and scenic areas of for example the region of Victoria Falls and places such as Lake Kariba etc...I am sure besides being saddened by the situation you will agree, what a fantastic experience and one place I would advise anybody (especially those travelling on dollar and pound/euro budgets) to go and visit. PS, how hard was it to keep you camera dry while taking these images, I know the spray created from these falls plays havoc with taking photos and keeping camera etc dry?