Africa’s Wildlife

Elephant Family

Africa Ground Horn Bill

White Rhinoceros

When I think of wildlife … I think of Africa,

Natures’ home to a large population of the animal kingdom.

To visit these fine animals on their own turf was jaw dropping amazing. It was like watching poetry in motion. So many textures and colors in one place. Check it out.


Yellowbill Birds

Zebra and Baby Nursing

Cheetah Cub

Lions At Play

Elephant Rear

Lilac-breasted Roller


Marabou Stork

Photo credits: Aughty Venable.
Aughty Venable
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  • Aughty
  • Chicago, United States
I am a fine art photographer who creates simple art that is colorfully playful in both black and white and color media. My art is an emotional attachment to the subject; whether created or found. I capture images with designs that demand attention and then convert the captured image by enhancing its features.

If you choose to download one of my images, please consider dropping me a note via the comments section to let me know how you will use it.

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Yes, it did beat a bit faster, knowing what they were capable of doing. It was a great rush.


These are truly wonderful! Just wondering, does your heart pound in your chest as you capture the images of the big cats? Such a fabulous experience to view these amazing animals in the wild!


Great trip Aughty, Madikwe is amazing and abundant wildlife, the Kruger is probably known worldwide and is also great place to visit. I was supposed to be up in the Kruger this weekend but work wise I am tied up for support purposes :0(


Talk about "Jaw dropping amazing" These images are just that. The detail in the Horn bill is incredible! Great job!


Hey Fultonsphoto, I did most of my travels in South Africa from Johannesburg to Cape Town. I stayed at mostly game reserves, the best being the Madikwe Game Reserve near Sun City and Kruger Park on my last day. I am ready to go back and do it again.


Nice shots Aughty, you must have had a wonderful time, where exactly did you go?


Beautiful creation of All Mighty & perfectly captured by you. Great images, I wish I could visit Africa just to watch those beautiful wildlife.


Great photos! Good luck with them!


Amazing photos!


Absolutely stunning. V. jealous