Ah-Niao, the old lady cat

I would like to share the story behind this illustration. About 4 years ago, I got an e-mail from my mom in Taiwan regarding a cat waiting to be adopted. My mom's co-worker saw this cat at the vet. Her previous owner was an old lady who got cancer. Because she had to be hospitalized, she couldn't take care the cat any more. She left the cat with the vet, hoped that somebody would adopt her.

However, she still wanted to visit the cat sometimes. The vet told her that it would be difficult, plus the cat was already 14. Who would adopt a cat that old?

My mom sent this e-mail around, hopefully to reach more people. It made me cry when I read it, but there was nothing I could do about it since I wasn't even in the same country.

2 weeks later, I got another e-mail from my mom. The subject was "Guess where is the cat now?"

She was at our house!! My mom said my dad read the e-mail and said to her, "Let's get her home." So my dad carried Ah-Niao back to our home in a backpack, yes, the old lady didn't have any carrier. Also, she was eating human food. The old lady couldn't afford any cat food. As for her name, Ah-Niao, it means "cat" in Taiwanese. Nothing fancy, she was "the cat" in the house.

Ah-Niao became our family member since. She is 18 now, still pretty healthy. The old lady came to visit her once, just to make sure she was in good care. She still doesn't like cat food very much, so my dad makes soy sauce stir-fry chicken for her. I met Ah-Niao when I went home last time. She is a little bit shy with strangers but she liked me immediately. I took some pictures of her and picked my favorite one to make this illustration.

I'm so glad that this story got a happy ending.

Long live, Ah-Niao the cat.

Photo credits: Tang167.

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May 02, 2008


What a great story!!!! Thank you for sharing that and for immortalizing this well loved cat with your illustration.

May 01, 2008


So cute.

May 01, 2008


Nice cat :)

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