Ahhhh… August!

What an amazing month it's been for me! This month marked my 20th wedding anniversary. Coincidentally, the family also went for what happened to be my eldest daughter’s first intercontinental trip—we went to the Philippines, Hongkong and Macau, China. (We wrapped up the month by taking our eldest to college—also very exciting… for her, that is. Definitely not for me :(( but it’s fine).

But my excitement didn’t stop there, I recall opening my DT account one morning while we were in Hongkong, and to my huge surprise, one TIFF sale and two back to back W-EL sales from that morning alone, then there was an U-EL sale from a couple of days ago also. Whoa, that was a record, and a nice treat!

The last blog I wrote four months ago was entitled, “Onward to 2nd K”—I am very happy to report that I am almost there! This past seven months have been very good for me sales-wise, with the past four’s monthly average of $150; this month I crossed the $200 mark and then some, very sweet! Of course I realize that the EL sales put me to that mark, and that one day I will reach a plateau. But hey, even if I am already at my plateau, I don’t mind it at all!

Prematurely of course, and I know all of you ladies out there understand this--I spent the money already. Before our trip, I bought me a Tamron 18-270. I justified it with, (1) I need an all range lens for convenience during our trip—I was just thinking of my husband, I wouldn’t want him carrying around numerous lenses for me, haha; (2) my eldest shows an interest in photography, I will pass the lens down to her after this trip;

© Maigi
(3) I know I am doing this wisely because I sought Maigi's advise on the lens, thanks Maigi! (4) averaging at $150/month, my DT earnings will pay for it very quickly (I also took advantage of the rebate offer, got it for $429)!

Well, the new lens proved its worth. It was a convenient walk-around lens during our trip. Sorting through the hundreds of photos we took, I’ve submitted some and to date have 21 already online, with several still pending and/or yet to be uploaded. Best of all it’s getting paid faster than I thought! So okay, I still haven’t passed it down to my daughter, but we’ll get there ☺!

August went by very quickly for me and my family, and it certainly is a month to remember—vacation, a milestone in life, and a milestone in DT!

Well, I feel such a big "shot" today (winks) and so as them big shots say, My name is Juvy......... and I approve of DT in continuing to amaze me!

Photo credits: Jennifer Pitiquen, Maigi.

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Congrats on all the achivement, and the Anniversary too.


Congratulations, and I hope my monthly average quickly catch up with yours :)


Thank you all for reading and for leaving your comments. Best wishes for higher sales to all of us!


Big congratulations all round :-)


Oh, it's wonderful to hear. What a great trip you had!
Great milestones in life and business. That's fantastic!
Thanks for using my image in your blog and I'm glad these lens work for you. I'm happy with mine too. :)
Have a beautiful light and great time in capturing all those beautiful moments!


Congrats !


Congrats for the great month and your 20th wedding anniversary!!! :)


Hello Jennifer! Congratulations on your achievements and congratulations for the great trip, sooner or later I'll want to go places where you've been!


Sounds like a fantastic month! Congrats on your 20th!!!


Hello Jennifer! congratulations for your 20th wedding anniversary :-) Bye, Francesca :-)

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