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Ten years ago, the ebook market was just seeing the dawn of a new era. It's when I started to write novels and I geared toward the digital industry. So did the photostock market for book covers.

In the romance industry everything is about the couple on the cover. There's a high demand for photos of naked or nearly naked men and women. The sexier the pose the better, of course it's romance and one of the hottest markets is the erotic lines.

To boast sales, aim for them. Check out their sites and drop them an email telling them where they can find your work. It's a niche market, but one well worth exploring.

This photo begs me to give him a story.

Photo credits: Curaphotography.

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November 24, 2013


Less espression makes him mysterious, a mold the writer can turn into the character in the story. If he's smiling and all happy like, that narrows the possiblies. Romance often has angst before its happily-ever after. As a writer, I don't want the reader going into the story already confident they know everthing will turn out right. The story, not the picture has to take them there.... an oh yeah, I write erotic romance, so the body image does count :-)

November 24, 2013


He has a nice body but doesn't have a smiling kindly face............ is that what you wanted ?

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