Airship Visits Finland

From May to Mid-June Finland has a rare visitor: a Zeppelin

The airship Pegasos, operated by the EU's Pan-European Gas-Aerosol-Climate Interaction Study, visits Finland to carry out a series of air quality measurements. This belongs to series of campaigns in the European air space headed by Forschungszentrum Jülich that each lasts several weeks.

Until mid-June 2013, the Zeppelin is located at Jämijärvi Airport (Jämi) in Finland. The flights are conducted soon after the sunrise, so the best time to see the airship will be in the late afternoon and in the evenings. The Zeppelin will fly in the regions of Satakunta and Pirkanmaa.

I visited the Zeppelin on Sunday, May 12. Attached to a mast after the Sunday morning’s flight, the 75-metre long rigid airship was hovering slightly in the breeze. In such an open space, it still looked huge. The visitors were allowed to view the airship at 200 metres.

The Zeppelin team was busy working around the airship, and they looked tiny – like ants – compared to it. On an overcast, pleasant Sunday I could have watched the Zeppelin for hours, it was such an exciting and memorable sight.

Some Facts of the PEGASOS project

The Zeppelin is accompanied by an international team of scientists and technicians, and the objective of study is observing radicals and aerosols in the atmospheric layers as part of Pan-European Gas-Aerosol-Climate Interaction Study. The project is aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of how emissions created by humankind impact climate change.

The PEGASOS consortium consists of 26 Partners from 12 EU countries and 3 associated countries, and the duration of the project is 4 years.

Find out more

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Read the Blog for the current EU PEGASOS Project in Finland

Zeppelin LIVE tracking

Photo credits: Taina Sohlman.

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