Alchemy of art and commerce - Episode II

Combining art and commerce is not easy, but it's not impossible. Nothing goes 100% perfect, so you cannot become the perfect artist and the perfect seller together.

(if you are a new reader here is the first article: Episode I )

The cool part is that you can enhance your alchemy with no limits. You cannot become 100% perfect but you can go up the ladder as much as you can and like... and the ladder is infinitely long. There is so much freedom in this.

Now let's get to business. Let me give you some examples. For instance, what I call an artistic approach on Dreamstime would be the picture below:

Now a commercial approach is this one:

Now, the doggy painting is drawn like you don't care if it's going to sell, it's drawn with passion and in a kind of childish manner. The second image is made with one purpose: to be sold. It has no personal value. Just standard buttons.. glossy.. to be attractive and a lot of them.. But it's a good work and someone will need it someday.

Now, look at both images once more. Can you find something that they have in common ?... kind'a hard huh !?.. well that's what I'm saying.. to make the alchemy will have to find that common feature.

One thing the two images have in common is 0 downloads... but just for the moment.. the "button" image was viewed more than the dog... 1 point for the selling manager.. we'll see what's going to happen later considering the images are recently added and comment on that.

Right now I'm drawing a new image. My purpose is to make this image a good mixture between the artistic concept and the commercial one. And I'm not mixing green buttons with artistic dogs on them... when it's done i'll publish it in episode III.

Photo credits: Artaniss8.

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