Alice in Photoland

I have recently discovered a new playground. Roaming through life, I have fallen in a magic rabbit's hole. Instead of falling right to the bottom, curiously enough I started floating swiftly. Then the images came pouring around me. I reached and took one. Then another one and another one and there were many more others to come. I could hear voices, whispers and laughters, I could see faces, mountains, rivers, cities and dreamlands, I could smell flowers or taste sweets. I could feel love, sorrow or joy, hatred and anger. Glimpses of life and glimpses of thoughts . . . past and present, future and dreams, all mingled and mixed in the fabulous potion I drink or in the dough of tasty cookies I eat every day. I am Alice in a magic world where I take a sip, a breath or a taste of photos and metamorphosis starts. One day I grow small or I grow smaller. Other day I grow tall or I grow taller. And most of the times I grow wiser, more beautiful and happier ... I open one door to find the miraculous garden.

And the joy is that they are all miraculous gardens, no evil queen waiting to shout "Off with her head". My rabbit's hole is full of thoughts and feelings that wrap and enfold me in layers of life. The best part is I never touch the bottom and I never really grow up. I am forever playing. My playground is a world of dreams or a dreamlike world if you wish. It's time for dreams so, close your eyes, drink the potion or taste the cookie, reach for the photos and enjoy. My playground is Dreamstime.

Photo credits: Rolffimages.

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August 14, 2007


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