All arazy for cars

Always the car is a cult.

It may be classic or vintage, sport or 4x4, the car is always attractive to men.

Often the car is associated with a beautiful woman that poses beside, or it may be associated with freedom, with transport, with speed, with road trip, with working…

The car is also good to meet new girls and show it to friends with pride.

Often you spend more money to keep your car that your health…

Often you spend more time taking care of it and cleaning it than your home.

But can may be a dangerous object… just a inattention and you can have an accident…

And so the car can turn into a box of death…

However the can continues to be chosen and be driven. Dangerous or not, the car is still an inseparable ally for the man as far as to be considered more than many other needs.

Car as subject of dreams and status quo: a real passion !

Photo credits: Bennymarty.

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You're right we all are crazy for cars... Thanks for sharing.

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