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Participating in the (more or less) monthly assignments on DT is great fun, and challenges you to go beyond your regular photography. It is rewarding in several ways:

- your accepted images are escalated to level 5 at once, wich will not only increase the price, but also results in a better search placement. It will receive 100 artificial downloads at once, although unfortunatly, you do not receive any money for those 100 downloads ;)

- participating will result in extra exposure for your picture and with that extra exposure for your entire portfolio;

- and from personal experience, I can add that getting a picture accepted into the assignment is a great feeling, and winning one even more so!

With each assignment, the same questions return on the boards. So hopefully here are some useful answers:

- You can only enter once you have 50 files online;

- Yes, you need regular model releases as with all RF pictures on DT;

- Yes, illustrators can participate, just as photographers can;

- Your images have to remain exclusive with DT for a year;

- Yes, you can upload a file already online: first upload the file for the assignment, and IF it is accepted, disable the old file. Due to the higher standards for the assignments, acceptance is not a certainty.

- If you choose the 'sell the rights' option, you will sell your picture to DT. You will never be able to receive any earnings from it. Also, DT can decide not to buy your picture, and ask you to re-upload it, choosing the 'escalate to level 5'option.

- Yes, your file will be reviewed, although occasionally even after the assignments' closing date. ETR does not play a role here, because the assignment files enter another pending list. Anything from 5 minutes to 10 days is entirely normal. If your file states 'assignment file' in your pending list, all went well, just be patient. If it does not have that tag in your pending list, something went wrong, and you need to re-upload it in the assignment.

- About the voting: 1 point is worst, 5 points is best ;) Voting will usually continue for about a week after the assignment is closed. This week you will spend praying for a good result;)

I hope this blog will be of some use. Please feel free to add anything I have forgotten!

Hope to see your entries in the coming assignments!

Photo credits: Gilbert Agao, Martine De Graaf, Sergey Novikov.

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September 02, 2019


Hi, I'm new to Dreamstime, can someone please tell me where to find the Assignments? 

October 25, 2010


Hey Martine.
I'm the new kids on the block.. very very new.
Have been working recently with Lightroom 3.
Need a good list of keywords for inspiration.
Do you have one? Or is one available on DT somewhere?
Thanks mucho.
Groetjes Maud Boom

June 21, 2010


Yes, that is true Rabac. It dares you to come out of your 'comfort-zone' wich is a great thing! Thanks!

One other addition that I've just read is that editorial images are NOT accepted in assignments.

June 18, 2010


Great article. The best thing with assignments (in my opinion) is that you are pushed to the edge of creativity. And also you portfolio is increasing. This is the best thing. It doesn't meter if you win or not.

June 11, 2010


Thanks all for your comments and additions!
Don't give up Frantab!
Trottola and unteroffizier, hope tou see one of your pics in an assignment soon!

Tough one this time, btw...;)

June 09, 2010


will keep on trying till i manage to get an acceptance :) thanks for sharing

June 09, 2010


Great article :)

June 08, 2010


Indeed the assignment is a great challenge for the members to be more creative also!
Left to say that winners are three places & images that get more than 2.5 points means they had more high votes than low ones (1 or 2)...

Thanks for this summery about the assignment :)

June 08, 2010


Good article!

June 08, 2010


I look forward to reach 50 uploads to partecipate. For the moment I love to look at the pictures in assignments and to give a vote to all
my favourites!

June 08, 2010


I have never participated in assignments before. These information summarized and consolidated as one within a blog really helps.

June 08, 2010


Very useful article! Thanks for sharing!

June 08, 2010


Thanks for the info! :) Hope to have at list one photo is this contest :)

June 08, 2010


Good tips from an assignment veteran! Another point on voting is that you can vote for every image, and you can rank more than one with a 5. I can attest that my assignment entries have significantly outperformed my regular uploads, whether they did well in the assignment or not...

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