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I really like photoshop. I learned it by myself. At the begining, I thought it only can used for photo editing like changing photo level, contrast, color.. things like that. But, this is also a powerful drawing software.It can come out an illustration like below:

Every object: tulips, castle, clouds, field.. (many layers)..all done by photoshop!

I really got satisfaction on this artwork. Sharing to you and hope you like it!

Photo credits: Annie Su Yee Yek.

Your article must be written in English



Thanks all and thank God for giving me this "talent" :)


Talent like that is akin to people who do needlework with very fine details. You have stitched together a great "picture" that must have taken a lot of time and definitely a lot of skill.


It's not only Photoshop, you are who create it. If there is no talent, Photoshop won't help :):):)


Beautiful! I really like your castle illustrations!!!!


Great job mate, its really good work

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