All I want for Christmas - most popular Xmas images in 2018

Ho, ho, ho, Christmas is almost here and, as we wrap up the wish lists and try to be as nice as possible, let's have a look at the best Christmas images this year. And by best, we mean the most downloaded images, the cream of the winter crop, the apple of Santa's eyes, the upper crust on the Christmas pie.

Before we go through the list and into a festive mood, a little review of some basic facts about the do's and dont's for Christmas images will do us all good. Mainly the do's :). Once you've checked these, all you need to do is wait for Santa to bring you sales. And no matter what they tell you, Santa does exist! I've heard he's surely coming this Christmas.

We know there are only 3.5 million search results for Christmas on Dreamstime and we estimate there will be many more this time next year, but best sellers have some uncomplicated traits in common that make them not only extraordinary, but also very marketable and in the end, sellable. You all know these traits but may have forgotten or dismissed them. Competition of Xmas sales is tough, but just remember that:

Santa loves red! It's a fact that red sells amazingly well on Christmas. You may choose to overlook red and go for fancier colors but we tell you that red will never go out of fashion when it comes to winter holidays. You can add red to anything and it will look spectacular. Red and white, red and green, red and golden, even red and Pantone's living coral.

Christmas sign

Let it snow! Yes, you may live in Australia but let's face it, everyone dreams of a white snowy Christmas. So snowflakes, stars, icicles, peaceful snowfalls, snow covered landscapes are still favorite with the winter holiday audience. A lot of white snow and a splash of color here and there. You'll see, these are a hit!

Christmas tree and snow background

Decorate it! But don't overdo it. It may be the usual tree, the mantelpiece, the dinner table, the DIY cards. Traditional frames are still on top of buyers' choices so don't be afraid to make a star out of your fireplace with hanging stockings. One small detail though - the less colorful, the better in this case. You need to warm the soul but also please the eye, so choose a few traditional Christmas colors and combine them for a maximum effect. You can opt for a less conventional color palette, but make sure you choose three or four colors and stop there.

Christmas border on white, hanging decorated garland

Get personal! And special. Xmas is a family holiday, by definition and also by tradition. So in addition to making your own Christmas cards and pie, you'll want to heartily take part in the festivities. Think of your Christmas design likewise. Your holiday shots or designs need your personal touch and you'll make them truly unique'll find the answer before Santa arrives.

Christmas Background

Share the joy! We know you're happySanta is coming so it's time to make other people happy as well. Leave some space for others to accommodate their festive mood, wishes, joy, whatever. Christmas is about wishing well and selling something so :) share the joy of your design by always giving your buyers space to personalize it.

Christmas Fir Tree On Wooden Background

And these are some of the most downloaded Christmas images this year. May you all have a blessed and peaceful holiday season!

Photo credits: Bozenafulawka, Elena Schweitzer, Rfischia, Smileus.

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December 24, 2018


Merry Christmas

December 23, 2018


Beautiful! Merry Christmas! Best Wishes to you all!

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