All images can be used as a background or wallpaper..

Do you agree all images can be used as a background or wallpaper?

Meaning we can include these two words "background" and "wallpaper" as keyword for all our images.

Here are two examples:

Rainbow colors texture background

Obviously, this image can be used as either background or wallpaper.

Earn, Save and give Money

This one doesn't look like a wallpaper or background, but surprisingly it was downloaded as "wallpaper" keyword.

Luckily, I have included this keyword "wallpaper" for this image. :)

So, I am going to add these two magic keywords to all my images! What do you think?

Photo credits: Woo Bing Siew.
Woo Bing Siew
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Thanks for sharing! wouldn't even think about that.


Carmen, Thanks for your advise!


I advise you not to add keywords that are not relevant for images. Indeed, background and wallpaper are rather general but we also advise against using keywords that relate to possible usages. Wall paper at least relates to possible usage.


All depends on the designer, i have also some strange keywords used for DLs and i did put those there but -together- with anoter word, and surprisingly system shows just single keyword. It's hard to believe that someone could download my picture after entering e.g plain MULTIPLE ;)