for all members i found solution

hi everyone, i read last week a blog from a member whom did a check in internet about his sales in witch place they are using, but i forgot who was that member. and i ddnt found again the blog.

and i read the comments also that some of member found some of them works was stolen and using with sybol of DT i foud a solution for them, and for all in same situation:

here u can complain to DT witch image was stolen.

hope its help.:)

© Didaso

Photo credits: Rachida Essahel.

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January 12, 2014


Yes Didaso I hope my photos don't get stolen. Well my pictures are of myself so I don't think they can steal them. They'll turn out better when they are sunny. Have you checked out my blog.

January 11, 2014


It is important to keep track of your photos even if you only check for them from time to time. Several of my images were being used by a graphic designer in Brazil. All the Exif info had been stripped out of them and nowhere was I given credit. With one image, filing a complaint with Google helped.

Be aggressive in protecting your work. It's your livelihood and you have a right to your images.

January 08, 2014



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