All my ducks in a row

Well I think I have done it, all my ducks are in a row now. My exclusive status ended two days ago. I have recouped all funds lost to that status ending, including the $6.00 I was in the red when that took place.

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I suspect I have some friends who bailed me out. thank you if that is the case.

Now I will wait until Feb. some images still marked exclusive, though if I need them for other uses I will not hesitate to take that off. In Feb. I will decide if I stay here or pack it up and go.

If I go it will not be to another microstock agency, or any agency most likely. I will concentrate on my local work, doing portrait work or custom design for those who want it.

Photo credits: Alice Herden, Mwproductions, Podius.

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October 03, 2008


Very good creativity

October 03, 2008


I wish You all the best with your local work !! When I look at your photos I am sure You will have many more sales in the future!

October 03, 2008


when you drop your exclusive status before it has been active 6 months, you have to return your 20 cent per image bonus and i think the extra 10 percent you got for being exclusive. so i had approx. 40.00 in earnings but had to return 46.00 and change. thanks for the comments.. i appreciate it

October 03, 2008


Good luck with whatever you do Denise! Hope you are well!
I have a question: how can one be in the red?

October 03, 2008


Very good creativity.

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