All my ducks in a row

Rubber Duckies

Well I think I have done it, all my ducks are in a row now. My exclusive status ended two days ago. I have recouped all funds lost to that status ending, including the $6.00 I was in the red when that took place.

Last Dollar

I suspect I have some friends who bailed me out. thank you if that is the case.

Now I will wait until Feb. some images still marked exclusive, though if I need them for other uses I will not hesitate to take that off. In Feb. I will decide if I stay here or pack it up and go.

Moving Day

If I go it will not be to another microstock agency, or any agency most likely. I will concentrate on my local work, doing portrait work or custom design for those who want it.

Photo credits: Alice Herden, Mwproductions, Podius.
Denise Milana Beverly
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I am in constant wonder of the world that God has created for us.
I owe any and all interest in photography to my daddy.

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October 04, 2008

Good luck with your decision, i'm positive you will success either way :-)


October 03, 2008

Very good creativity


October 03, 2008

It's a hard decision.. but like we said before.. becoming an exclusive contributor at dreamstime, blocks any other income you can make.
It's good for people that have a great list of clients and don't intend to sell their art/photography at shows or on the internet.
But we (little people) as creative artists and photographers, and get most of our income doing craft shows, uploading to other places on the internet, and I am not talking about another stock site. This kills our income and potential marketing for ourselves. I do hope they explain the terms more bluntly for those who awe at the .20 accepted uploads.

and I am soooo in going to be in the red.. but, it's a lesson learned..
that lesson is...... creativity and vision should not be sacrificed.


October 03, 2008

I wish You all the best with your local work !! When I look at your photos I am sure You will have many more sales in the future!


October 03, 2008

I see. I didn't knew it. Yes, it seems fair, but kinda sad still.
Wish you all the best!


October 03, 2008

when you drop your exclusive status before it has been active 6 months, you have to return your 20 cent per image bonus and i think the extra 10 percent you got for being exclusive. so i had approx. 40.00 in earnings but had to return 46.00 and change. thanks for the comments.. i appreciate it


October 03, 2008

Good luck with whatever you do Denise! Hope you are well!
I have a question: how can one be in the red?


October 03, 2008

Very good creativity.