Alligator Farms-perfect place for photography

In Florida (USA), we have the perfect climate for Alligators, those scaly reptiles with big powerful jaws and long tails-a reptile that has been alive and prospering since the dinosaur age. In a couple cities in Florida, we have Alligator Farms for tourist to visit and see many different alligators.

Many folks, upon their first visit to an alligator farm are amazed not only with the alligators but also the diversity of birds. Wading birds frequently have rookeries near alligators, the alligators protect the birds and their young from predators (racoons and such)

Breeding season for wading birds (in Florida) starts roughly in late November and continues through May. Different wading birds have their peak breeding times at different dates.

The advantage to the tourist alligator farms is the birds are close. During the peak breeding season, some of the birds are so close you can get face shots with a 200mm lens or less. Flights shots are also possible with 200mm lenses as the birds make frequent trips for nest building.

Photo credits: Moose Henderson.

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April 15, 2010


fabulous shots!

April 13, 2010


Lucky you ,i usually have to kill two or three people to get such shots,nice work.

April 13, 2010


Your images are breathtaking..I love them :)

April 13, 2010


Amazing photos! Well done. I hope I donĀ“t get nightmares because of the alligator ;)

April 13, 2010


Alligator Farms! We shoud create something like that in Romania! Great photos, John!

April 12, 2010


Nice creatures!

April 12, 2010


...and the natural light in Florida is always perfect as well.

I wish that were true, we have some pretty harsh light from 10am till 3pm

April 12, 2010


Great images.... Nice wildlife

April 12, 2010


John your shots are so beautiful!

April 12, 2010


...and the natural light in Florida is always perfect as well.

I love that Snowy Egret on black - very well done!

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