Alls well that ends well….

My day yesterday

Up at 7 am

Dr's Appointment 8:30

Nurse had hard time finding my vein for blood. HURT!!!

Traffic bad due to parade down town. However, for a good cause our great Veterans…

Stopped at store to get stuff for Dads Bday cake spent $90.on a bunch of nothing

Home to bake.10:30

Pulled out drawer to get spatula .Drawer broke fell on my foot.

Stirring batter spatula broke

Opened freezer. Box fell hit my head

Cake in oven.11:30

Sat down heard a big bang. Corner shelf fell everything in the middle of the kitchen floor

Hubby helped me clean it up

At 3 pm Dad blowing out his candle eating cake and ice cream for his 87 birthday PRICELESS.

Happy 87th birthday DAD

Photo credits: Dmccale, Feverpitched, Orval Nelson, Christos Georghiou, Glenda Powers.

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Thanks everyone Yes Princess I was silently screaming .My daughter was laughing at me.She said what will happen next.LOL


I just read this first thing - even before breakfast - made me chuckle out loud! I'm sure you were silently screaming at the time, but laughed retrospectively!
I'm sure that cake was the best cake your lovely dad ever ate. Happy 87th Birthday to your daddy


Happy 87th birthday to your DAD too....


16059176 I hope your dad had a wonderful birthday and hope your day is a lot better too.16059176


Happy Birthday to your dad (^_^)


Happy Birthday to your dad even if I'm a little bit late! Great shots!


thank you all


Happy birthday to your dad. 87 years.! oppps.
Best regards to your family from Croatia!


Later - but with a big sincerity: happy days to your father! Everything the best for him and you and all your family!


thanks guys..I will tell him


All the best to your Dad, he looks very friendly and jolly on your picture!


Happy Birthday to your dad! It is wonderful because your day ended great:)


Thanks all he had a great day.He is still active.He even drives (not so good I might say)LOL....I am not sure what was going on but I have never had so many things happen to me like that.My family just thought it was weird and funny.Yes it ended up great..


Wow what a day, happy birthday to your dad though :0)


That`s great! 87 years...Happy birthday to your father!


Happy Birthday to to your dad... the day was building up to a good finish, that's all!!!


Weird how so many bad things can happen in one day! Thankfully when the "priceless" hits, it makes you forget all the bad.


thanks Yuritz.I will let him read this.


glad it ended all well and happy birthday to your dad from me too! :)


yes very busy thanks Carol,Egomezta and smartview


Wow you really had one of those days! Glad it all worked out in the end. Happy Birthday to your Dad :))


Happy 87th Birthday for your father!


Busy day.... Great ending.


Thanks Maen.Its started out a bad day.I almost just sat down..Glad I didn't


For great joy & company everything is worth it! I agree Alls well ends well! Happy Birthday for your dad ;)

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