alternative swimmingpool for cats

Whaha, our cats came in, a few days ago, soaking wet. Since this morning I know why.

I got out of bed and looked outside to see a little pool of water next to our neighbors house. Well, I thought, the snow is gone, here's the mud. When I turn around, to make myself a nice cup of good morning coffee, I realize I hear water running. I look outside a second time and notice it is running our of the corners of our neighbors house. A closer look and I see it is not a small pool but a big one ;-)

After calling the authorities we find a house where it is raining inside.

What happened. The occupants were people from Poland who came to Belgium to work but left for Poland to spend Christmas with their family. The forgot the freeze we were expecting this week. This freeze made their water pipe break with this swimming pool as a result. The disconnected the water and will leave it till next year. I am only sad now that I did not take a photo.

Photo credits: Jamie Wilson.

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