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We are `only` amateurs!

There's a frequent discussion that tries to give an answer to what makes a professional, what defines it and what sets it apart from the amateur. It's almost a cliche, like the image that worths as much as x words (substitute x with your own choice). You can see it on every respectable forum of any photography-related website.

Guess what, they're not different. I was reading an interview with a NG veteran researcher (not a photographer). He was asked if he consider himself a pro, after all these years. His answer, rather not, as he stills put passion in it, while a professional would do it only for money. I realized that what defines the amateur is not being the novice, but being a passionate about it. Does it mean that pros are not passionate? No, but then they are definitely amateurs, in a good way. They put passion in their work and believe in it.

The people complaining in the last days about the wrong-calculated ETR made me realize this. We all put a lot of passion within, we're all amateurs, no matter if we're newcomers or veterans. It's more addictive than chocolate.

Photo credits: Erik Reis.

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April 28, 2010


On the other hand you could say any contributor here is a professional - at least those who have achieved their first payment :)

April 28, 2010


Very true. Being passionate about it is the key word.

March 12, 2010


I agree!

November 09, 2008


Nice.I totally agree with this point of view !!!

May 16, 2008


Pretty nice and accurate point of view. :-)

May 05, 2008


I agree with your point.

May 05, 2008


I agree completely. No matter how long I have been doing stock photography (over 3 years now) it is still the passion for photography that drives me, much more than the money. Although the money is certainly nice too :)

Best part is that unlike chocolate, Dreamstime is not fattening!

May 03, 2008


Great explanation. About that chocolate part, I like to eat chocolate WHILE I create images, I guess that makes me a real addict.

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