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(First: Sorry for my english; i do my best ;o) )

Some weeks ago, there was a little Contest for 3D-Artists (without adhesion contract for the pictures ;o) ), where i took part.

The subject was: "little very big" (i hope my translation is correct *g* )

So i thought, this is the time for modeling a water bear (Tardigrade). It is an amazing little animal.

Not bigger than 1mm but a very big survivalist.

It`s usually habitat is in moss, but it also lives under water.

It survives extreme condition!

Lately the NASA took them in Space for an experiment. 1 of 50 water bears survived a direct exposure to the cosmic radiation, vacuum and temperature of outer space.

oh; and since yesterday i am one of 17 Winners of the Contest ;O)

Photo credits: Stefanie Winkler.

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January 22, 2014


first sale of my amazing little animal ;O)

September 22, 2013


Thank you all for your congratulations *smile*
@Alvera the 3d-file is not raw. It is .c4d (Cinema 4D R14). But for the complete scene there was also AfterEffects with the Plugin Optical Flares and Photoshop in use. So you can`t render this picture only with the 3d-file. ;o) On DT it is not possible to sell 3d-scenes or modelings.

September 22, 2013


tell me please, if I want to buy the 3d file, is this possible via DT? You can upload the raw file like in 2d?

September 22, 2013


Congratulations for winning the contest. But I am sorry for the rest of 49 water bears. NASA is so cruel... :(

September 20, 2013


Amazing work, very very nice, congratulations Stefanie!

September 19, 2013


Really nice!!

September 18, 2013


Nice 3D!

September 18, 2013


Very good!

September 18, 2013


amazing little animal modeling

September 18, 2013


Very cool!

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