Amazing Stock Tracking Tool

Hey fellow Dreamstimers!

I found a new tool that allows you to easily track your sales from multiple sites, by image, automatically. I've been using this tool for some time and it really is great as it provides charts comparing your sales from across the web all in one convenient place! I've also found that Dreamstime ranks pretty high among competitors when it comes to my images. Find out for yourself here!

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Photo credits: Marlee.

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No, it's a legitimate site. I do work for these guys as a freelancer as well and they are more concerned about security than anythings else. Feel free to read up on the site about the security methods in place to protect your data.


Well just a caution note, I think you need to provide your username and password of each microstock site, be aware could be bit risky, check before you give your username and password. Check the authenticity of the city with support of each stocksite, if the approve such site.


Cool - thanks for the information - it looks as though it is at very useful tool for stats freaks like myself


This tool is still in its infancy and additional sites are on the horizon.


Would be nice if we can add more stock sites.


Great tool!
Thank you for sharing :-)


sounds interesting !! will have a look thanks :)


Thanks for the share, may be useful when I upload t several sites later.

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