America in space race to Mars!

Mankind's quest to explore the universe outside their cosy home of planet Earth, 'to boldly go where no one has gone before' is as old as mankind itself, when they first looked up at the starry heavens and wondered what was out there!

The quest to explore the stars has never been stronger in the minds and hearts of those who love the concept of space exploration down to this day!

With such a burning desire to explore the universe, much scientific research and huge sums of money are being ploughed into NASA aerospace programs such as SpaceX, manufacturers of the world's most advanced rockets and spacecraft headed by founder, CEO and designer Elon Musk.

With space transportation services in high demand by the rich and famous with the thought of inhabiting other worlds in another galaxy, space exploration has never been more desirable, more achievable than ever trekking could soon be a reality!

With all this talk about space exploration, I couldn't help myself to be inspired to create something for stock photography and put in my contribution to space travel, in expectation that demand for space photography will be high in the future and my sales will hopefully skyrocket!

With space travel rattling through my mind, I thought I would sift through all my vintage classic American car photos.

What on earth has vintage American cars got to do with space travel I hear you nonchalantly chortle!

Well, not so much the cars, but the shiny chrome hood ornaments that are on the cars...rockets to be precise!

With this goal in mind, I eventually came across some rather fancy futuristic-looking car hood mascot ornaments which I thought would make great rockets to use in my designs of future manned missions to Mars!

So here we go...after much tweaking on photoshop, I managed to surgically remove the hood ornaments from their car bonnets, and below are two of my photo creations using a hood mascot from a 1956 oldsmobile:

Spacex manned space flight to mars elon musk mission

Spacex manned space flight to mars elon musk mission

In another photo of space travel below, I have used a hood mascot belonging to an American 1956 Chevrolet:

Spacex manned mission to mars rocket flight moon orbit

When you think about it, when these hood mascots were proudly driven around on American classic cars by rocket and space enthusiasts in the 1950's, space travel was but a dream...a fantasy in the psyche of the minds of the human race, which only started to become a reality with the Gemini and Apollo missions into space, which was to occur a decade later in the mid 1960's. The NASA Gemini project achieved its goals by successfully demonstrating that astronauts can effectively work outside of spacecraft, paving the way for the manned Apollo missions to the moon just a few years later.

So these old classic American hood mascots which were designed like rockets and epitomised the hopes and dreams of future space travel for a 1950's generation, have now been successfully launched into digital space, living the dream that they were created for....may they live long and prosper!

Photo credits: Photodynamx.

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