Analysing my last sold images….

After 15 months I've started to upload pictures, in the last days I have reached the 300$ of gain with 150 images sold.

So I started to look at the pictures I've sold in the past two months to try to understand what are the preferences of the buyers. I quote here some photos sold classifing by different themes:

Pictures of details taken in specific places:

Amazing landscapes:

Images including specific concepts:

Images including starry sky:

Tombs and memorials:

Religious images:

Editorial events:

I conclude with the following consideration.

My portfolio contains only few most typical stock-photo images. I have no models and only a few images of isolated objects.

However, analyzing the sold pictures, I seem to notice a strong diversity in the themes, and in general there are no pictures of the same subject. I have the impression that this "diversity" helped me to increase sales in recent months.

Photo credits: Claudio Balducelli.

Your article must be written in English



Thanks to Chanevy, Zenonk and expecially to Inyrdreams, I understand your way of feeling.


I like your article, its nice to know the items that sell. I see most often the on white isolated images.. I know why they sell.. they just seem boreing to me! I think shooting what you love is best, AND THATS What I try to o. and I love your moon and campfire the most!


thanks for sharing


Beutiful images, I especially love the reflection under details taken in specific places. Thank you for sharing your thought process. I think we can all learn from analyzing which of our images sell and trying to figure out why.


Thank you Rosariomanzo, Giannit, FabioConcetta, Peanutroaster, Jdanne, Egomezta for your feedback. My goal is to continue to upload images in such way until the end of the year, when I will make a final balance about the images sold.


Great images, you're are doing very well.


Nice photos!


Yup, there is a diversity of image needs among a large diverse group of buyers with a diverse project load so diversity in one's portfolio leads to sales.


Thanks for sharing, you have a beautiful portfolio, congratulations!


Thank you for your analyse...


Useful indeed, thanks for sharing.

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