Analysis of two months on Dreamtime

I celebrate my two month anniversary of having images accepted on Dreamtime this Thursday. I joined DT Feb. 18, 2010 and my first series of images were accepted Feb 23, 2010.

I am writing this blog not for praise (although that is always nice) but to show what can be accomplished in two months and to illustrate the images that have sold.

As of today, I have 493 images accepted by DT, my acceptance rate is 85% and I have an additional 28 images pending. To date, I have sold 72 images at an average revenue of $0.73.

These two images have made it to level two.

My portfolio is made up of mostly wildlife images; some pet images and a few general images. I thought it would be interesting to look at what has sold.

I have approximately twenty images of pets. Seven of these images have sold at least one time. This image called "artist pug" has sold three times

I have approimiately five images of common items, one has sold one time

The balance of my images are about equally split between bird photos and animal photos. Two of these images were selected as editor's choice and each as sold one time.

I have approximately 20 images of eagles; this has also been my best selling catagory. Of these 20 eagle images, six have sold at least one time; I have sold a total of 13 eagle images.

I have won a number of contests in my career. This image has won a couple times.

It has sold two times on DT

I thank all the editors and staff of DT for their assistance; I thank the community for being the best microstock group. Especially, thanks to all buyers that have found my worthy of purchase!

Photo credits: Moose Henderson.

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That`s amazing shots you have there! I believe you travel a lot and you have a lot of patience ! And I think those are the two most important characteristics of an photograph! Keep up the good work and have a beautiful sky in the background ;)


Interesting blog - you have some great images, three of which I've used in my American Birds collection.

The Burrowing Owl as he blends so well with the background and has a great expression on his face; the Bald Eagle fishing as it's a great (and natural) "action" shot; and the Snowy Egret on a rock cos I love the colours and the vibe of the picture.

Keep up the excellent work.


Congratulations!!! your pictures are amazing and wow that is great in the first 2 months!!! I did make my first sale a few days back and I am very happy and optimistic too..
Thankyou for sharing


Your pictures are fantastic! I am a passionate bird watcher, so your bird photos are my favorite. Your next two months are guaranteed to be even better than the last ones!


Beautiful and creative photos!


That is real fast work... . . . . . .congratulations.
I like that one of the Eagle Flying.


Congratulations! You have a really amazing portfolio! And I have looked around your website too and your photography is really amazing!! I am not surprised you are selling so well in such a short time with such a great library of images!! I look forward to seeing your future images too!! Enjoy!! Happy shooting!! Cassie :))


Congratulations...I love your work


wow very impressive ...Great photos


Your images are so fabulous I would be surprised if you weren't doing so well. After a few images you were quickly added as one of my favorites. I hope you find the time to keep taking more pictures!


Congrats! You have got amazing photo's.


your photo is great.


BTW, did you know that you are on the list of busiest photographers in the last 7 days?


Your eagles and the other birds or animals are simply wonderful!


Interesting information:) I am a wildlife enthusiast, so find myself often looking at your images, changing my mind on my favorites. Continued good luck with sales.


Thats great stuff for just 2 months wow! You've kept youself busy :D well done


Congratulations!You do a great work:)


Congratulations, you're doing really well, really quick and you've got great images!
Are you shooting a lot of new photos or are you for now mainly uploading from your own database?


What a great achievement! Congratulations!


That is to be proud of for sure! Congratulations!


Congratulations, you're working a lot!!!


Congratulations, you're doing great :)


WOW, John. You've really done well in just two months. Congratulations and wishes for continued success.


Unteroffizier, yes-animals are in natural environment. They are comfortable; sometimes, I am not so comfortable :)


Yep! Great portfolio brings great results! ^_^ Congrats!


You have great results. Congratulations!


These are photos captured of wildlife as they were in their natural habitat. They appeared relaxed, comfortable and natural with their movements and behaviour. Like quite a number of your uploads, including the photo you used as your profile/ avatar photo.


WOW ! what a fantastic achievement, well done - you've got a great port, beautiful pics, keep it up and good luck for loads more sales :)


Well.... You're doing great.... And your images are Beautiful

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