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The Ancient Buildings Of LiuJia, located in XintangVillage, Guanshi Town of Hengnan County, is said to have a 300-year history; because of traffic conditions and the less impact of modern civilization outwards, The Ancient Buildings Of LiuJia is reserved perfectly and purely. The whole buildings is constructed with brick-woods and in a complete and rational layout; rain-fall courtyards distribute in symmetry along the axial line formed with halls which are joined symmetrically to swing-rooms extending in all directions; the practical drainage and scientific sun-light system keep all rooms dry, bright and steadily in a agreeable temperature indoors. The settlement is typically suitable for leisure and reading. Doors, windows, roof and other parts of buildings are decorated with auspicious patterns and fairy – tale carvings, which fully reflects the Confucian ceremony and Taoist idea of the harmony between human beings and nature. The Ancient Buildings Of LiuJia is another rare treasure of Hunan Culture.

Photo credits: Xiao Zhuhua.

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