Ancient Chinese-style bedroom

In Pingyao of ancient city of China during May Day vacation, let me experience China's red glamour again.

This is a bedroom in period of Ming and Qing of China, more precisely, this was newly-married couple's bridal chamber in that times,in this bedroom, classical China brings joyous atmosphere to me red.

Chinese calligraphy and very ancient type and very exquisite wooden bed on the wall,let me seem to place oneself in the

midst of that era.Reading the pattern on the quilt carefully ...

Dragon and phoenix on the pattern imply bridegroom and bride,

several lovely child of pattern implied meaning give birth to more child, let family to be prosperous.

Whether in the overall arrangement of the room or in decorating,let me feel more is a Chinese traditional culture.

Photo credits: Linqong.

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May 22, 2008


Beautiful images. The wood carving on the bed is gorgeous.:)

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