Angels in photography

Recently I

I think this is the reason why I

I love angels, so it has been a question of time when I try to submit some images with angels in Dreamstime.

MYSTICAL IMAGES - you can achieve a big success with illustrations, photomontages, statues, symbolic and abstract images (for example wings over sky, light effects etc.)

If you use a real person for making an angel, try to surround him/her with a lot of light, soft blur, mystical backgrounds etc.

"Studio" kind of images with a beautiful woman with wings are for "fashion" markert, they aren

FASHION - gorgeous women or handsome men with wings can make beautiful images, however, in this period the market seems to be quite full of it. Photos of this kind should be original as for make-up of models and lightning technique to attract interest of clients.

© Pro777
CHILDREN - children with wings are beautiful, these images

can sell. However, I do think that studio photographers

could be much more successful if they would offer to make

romantic angelic portrait to their clients with children.

Here are some conclusions I

© Mega11

Perhaps you can pick up something useful. I love angels and so

let me wish you a lot of angelic light in your soul and always

an angel near you.

Photo credits: Betsy Logan, Mega11, Pro777, Rainer Junker, Starblue.

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Beautiful images. Thank you for the great wish. :)


Thanks to all for your nice comments, I wish you to have a wonderful day and mood and to "meet" you on another blog! :-)


Thanks for the kind wishes to us all, and as usual your images are amazing.


Very, very beautiful!!! Wonderful job, good luck with sales.


The images on the beginning of the blog are really great, and the kind words and wishes on the end of the blog is sweet.
Wish you the same.


Great shot!!!!!
Very beautiful angel's serial works,I prefer the first four pictures.

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