Animals in the zoos

Curious toucan

Some people think, that animals in a zoos are unhappy, but actually it's hard to believe it, when you see them acting and playing.

Hope they really as happy, as they look like...

Little elephant calf with his mother

Photo credits: Sombra12.
  • Sombra12

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August 23, 2013

Very beautiful images!Congratulations!


January 18, 2013

Nice Image !


January 18, 2013

I understand your point of view, Thanatonautii. And can I ask, what do you think about smoking? You think it's good, don't you? ))


January 17, 2013

I hate zoo`s! I only been in a zoo for two times in my life. Once when I was a child and the second time it was last year in Barcelona, and I was so disappointed that I promised myself that I won`t go to any zoo ever again!


January 17, 2013

Of course, you all are right. The animals should live in the wilderness. But this world is not ideal, is it? Have you ever mentioned what we, the humankind did with it? We deprived the animals of the best places for living, right? Lots of species are destroyed... Taking this into account, the zoos are the lesser evil, as it seems to me...
Moreover, have you ever read "The Drunken Forest" by Gerald Durrell? ))


January 16, 2013

Lovely images, and Im agree with Egomezta =)


January 16, 2013

They belong to the wilderness... They may live comfortable since they some of them don't suffer from thirst or hunger, but their instincts continue to be there...


January 16, 2013

Animals' real home is the wild not inside cages. Can you ever be happy if you were imprisoned?


January 16, 2013

I am not sure that they are. The typical sign is most of them use to do the same thing again and again mechanically.


January 16, 2013

cute toucan :) but they cant say actually what they fell