On 17 September it will be our first anniversary of our marriage.

So I 'd like to surprise with something my husband. But too bad, I don't have any idea for that.

So I need your help....What would you do?

It can be something simple, or we could go on dinner and give him some present, but I like something unexpected, something new, and in the same time cute..So?

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that's really sweet


wow, sweet!:)
it's interesting how you managed to surprise him with reminding him of something you both did and promised to each other (what ever that is;) ) couple of years ago together... it is more powerful than anything that we adviced you to do... i wish you both many many many many many happy years together :)


Wonderful! :) Reading about your love for each other makes me happy too :)


So, the surprise was....dinner at home with candles, where we thank to God about all His blessings, and His guidance in the past year. Than we pass to eat, but in his plate was hidden a wooden ring ( 1 year before our wedding when we were on summer vacation we give each other wooden rings and special promises). So I put that wooden ring in a seashell ( again gift form him from that summer) and I write that I still keep that ring and the promise too.
I decide to do give him that, because I know how much that means to him. Therewith... he was very surprised and happy, and I....I was full of love and happy tears.
I want to thanks to all of you, about your wishes and ideas. You are wonderful people.


Happy anniversary! :) May His peace and wisdom guide you through the days ahead!


It's 17th indeed. I can't believe that pass 1 year. My best year in my life. I am so happy. So this afternoon is the surprise and I ' ll tell you later what was.


well, it is 17th! Happy Anniversary to both of you! :)


really you are a nice photographer


congratulation appy aniversary



Ooooooo, you have very good ideas, indeed. Thank you a lot Tangie and Lavanya.


First, a very happy anniversary in advance. :)

I don't know if you already have this, but you can select one of your husband's best photographs, have it framed beautifully, with credits to him and make a gift of that.
You could also shake up an exotic cocktail at home with his favorite ingredients, name it after you both and celebrate! :)


I would bake a huge chocolate cake, camera-shaped. This way, he would get a camera and a delicious dinner :).


The blogs are leaved to me, so I am free from that side. Thanks Petar, and happy anniversary too.


Does he know about this article?! ;) Cause then he'll get to read the "surprise"... My wife and I celebrated our first anniversary just recently - August 21. We had a nice dinner at home (since all good restaurants were closed down), relaxed and watched a calm movie. We had a peaceful evening, which in these days is hard to get. :)


Thanks for all advices and wishes. And Koki you are right about EOS 5D am very sure about that, but for now days something cheaper....


i don't know him in person, but a brand new EOS 5D would make every photographer very happy i'm sure! :)
and then instead of taking you to dinner he will take you to the studio to try it out... so not a very good idea after all, don't you think? :))) (thanks for using our images!)


Every man is different, but one thing I have learned is that men get great pleasure out of making their wife happy, especially when he makes her laugh! Something I do for my husband now and then (just because) is to buy him a movie I know he loves, and that I think would be pretty funny. The gift makes him happy. Then we watch it later after I make him dinner. Sometimes the movie will make me laugh a lot, and sometimes not so much. For the movies that make me laugh the most, after we finish watching it he'll thank me again for the gift and the wonderful evening. :)


Give him a football and let him play with his friends whole day (without disturbing). In the evening invite all his friends to your place and serve them beer and delicious grilled meat... ;)
Nah... every guy is so unique that it can be only you (or his mother), who will know the best how to surprise him. I'm sure you figure it out, when you think about what he likes, not what you like to give him. :) Or you have some time to find it secretly out from him.
Wish you beautiful anniversary!

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