Another chance...

I am sorry but today I am not going to write about photography. It plays very important part in my life, but there is something else... somebody else who makes my days. Have a look at this boy. Can you imagine him having a congenital heart defect. When I heard about it for the first time - I couldn't!

But it was the truth. I had to accept it. 3 weeks ago we came back from the hospital. Now his heart is in one perfect piece. But there was a moment when I really got scared. My little boy was lying on a surgery table laughing to everybody around... one of doctor’s gave him injection (anaesthetic) and suddenly his pupils were gone! I felt that I lost him forever.

Now I am the most happiest mother in the world! Just wanted to let you know.

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An old post, but neverthless happy for you.
(read it today)


Sliczny ten Twoj synek! Wszystkiego najlepszego dla Was!


That must have been so worrisome; I am glad all is well now. Your boy is adorable. Merry Christmas!


Thanks for sharing. Hope is what keeps all suffering in place. Happy holidays.


Thank you for such a fantastic response! Indeed I have got the best Christmas present I could. Merry Christmas and all the best in coming year for all of you!


God bless you and your kid and every human on this planet. Your kid is too cute, ummmmmmmhaaa


forgot to mention in my earlier post, that your little boy is simply adorable.


Good to hear that your son is doing fine now. It's the best Christmas present for any parent that one's kid is healthy and happy. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!


No one knows why things like this happen. May he have a long and happy life.


Seems you have gotten your Christmas Miracle. God Bless him and keep him safe.


Great to hear hi is fine now. Your cute baby has very charming smile!


Thanks a lot for your warm words, Dave. I agree - CARPE DIEM!


I am very happy things turned out good for you and your son. We are all but a blink away from death. Life is so fragile it can't be thought of too heavily. But love everyone and everything close to you like there's no tomorrow because some day there won't be.

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