Another goal

In the next days DT will reach another goal: 100000 photographers! Congratulations!!

P.S: Actually there are 99,969 contributors

Antique camera, fine arts

Photo credits: Cristalloid.
  • Cristalloid
MESSAGE FOR BUYERS: it would be nice to know where photos purchased by you are used. Just leave a message or URL in the comment box of that image. Thank you.

There are no problems, there is only challenge.

Please have a look at my collections :-)

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September 20, 2010

Now that's something to look forward to :) new ideas, new concepts, new talents :)


September 20, 2010

Congratulations to us all for our uploading ;)


September 19, 2010

Great milestone all most reached :-)



September 19, 2010

Yes it means our work has to continually improve or we won't sell anything !!!! David.

PS Some of the 100,000 will be inactive or retire so maybe the figure is theoretical.


September 19, 2010

@ Thanatonautii: you are right, but that will also mean that DT stands better against the competitors... great news, as I find...


September 19, 2010

Yeah! That`s so true! That means we have to work harder to keep up! :)