Another great adventure around the world with Belgrade, Serbia, Podgorica, Montenegro and much more!

Just back from another international adventure with my camera covering Madrid, Grand Canary Island, Serbia, Montenegro and, one of my regular necessities, Paris.

I'll be the firs to admit I am a lucky guy to be able to take off on adventure at will and I do so quite frequently as evidenced by my portfolio. I definitely have some winners for stock photos from this trip. Unfortunately, my Olympus omd-em1 died sometime during the trip but, as always, I had a back up camera with me though not of the quality of the Olympus.

From here on in, although I bought the omd-em1 for the compact and light, even with the pro 2.8 zoomer, specifically for travel, I will now always take a Nikon pro camera/lens combo with me.

I've added some new, off the wall, wild blogs on my open to the public blog site which I am sure you will get a good laugh from with my newly created not so secret agent character, Roberto Garbanzo, protector of the innocent and cognoscenti with a nod to beautiful women.

Now just to receive assignments from periodicals such as New York Times travel section or Conde Nast Travel or online travel sites. It will happen with the right client and assignment. Roberto Garbanzo is full of confidence!

Recent travel related photos available at Dreamstime:

Pretty Nicaragua Creole woman lost in thought

Photo credits: Robert Lerich.

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May 19, 2015


You are very lucky to be able to travel when you wish and your collection of photos is terrific. Keep enjoying life!

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