Another milestone.

© Undy
Well I know this is nothing compared to the big players in DT, might be some users are even earning my milestone which I reached in one year in just one month or less. But this is a great achievement for me, 500 USD. 360 downloads.

Well when I first registered with DT, I didn't even have a distant imagination that I could earn money, It was just to show my images to world and interact with people. but today i have broke my own disbelief, and want to say to all newbies here in DT that its is possible to earn money from your hobby. Well photography has been my hobby since childhood, and graphic designing is my full time job. I know if I upload all my old images and illustration I can build a bigger portfolio, ( one of my new year resolution ) but due to my work and freelance commitment I'm way behind my target and aim.
© 0tvalo

I don't know if its right to disclose our sales and earnings, but I don't feel there is anything wrong about it, in fact I consider this as motivation factor to other contributors. I do read lots of milestone blogs here and check their profile and see the fellow contributors images to get fresh ideas.

© Jhogan
And another reason for this blog is to say my thanks to all the buyers who purchase my images, THANK YOU and keep supporting me and other contributors. And to thank DT for giving us a platform to showcase our images and at the same time earn money.
© Studio

Photo credits: Alistair Thomas, Jhogan, Marinini, Pakhnyushchyy, Photoeuphoria, Redbaron, Studio Dream, Andy Heyward.

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Congratulations! my friend:)
I wish you'll have more downloads in 2009




Thanks Fulton, Macdaddy, Day908.


Hi Creativei, here is to many more successes in here and in whatever you do.


Thanks Maigi, Rob, Teekaygee, Irisangel and Marilyn, thanks for the kind words and support.


Sharing good news and positive achievements is always welcome from my perspective. Your portfolio has many stunning images; best wishes for many future successes!




Congratulations! Now on to 1,000. Great work!


Congratulations! That is a great achievement, especially when you don't have a huge portfolio. If you keep uploading great images like you have, I'm sure in no time you will be celebrating another big milestone.


Great job! :-)


Hey, Creativei, this is so creat! ;) Wish you lots of imagination and creativeness, endurance and relentlessness, and lots of happy moments continually on DT! Great milestone. On to next one. :)


Thanks Rebecca,


Congrats, a well earned achievement, I hope you have many more sales in the new year also!

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