Another photo for the trophy room

As I learn while adding to my portfolio I also have goals I set for myself just like many other folks in the Dreamstime community.

Not only is this a very important part of the learning curve that makes us better in what we do, it's fun. And anytime you add fun to the equation it also makes you better.

Having said all that ,getting at least one type of every licence sold for your photos is like adding a trophy to your wall. Or like the baseball player who wants a single, double, triple and home run.

So here's the start of this silly game. About a month ago I sold a photo with the W-El licence.

Well of course I was so excited I thought wow that'll never happen again, but I was very happy that I made the sale.

Now just the other day I sold a photo with the P-EL licence

O.k. so now it starts , if I have two I can get more, so in my minds imagination I have a trophy wall with two different licences on it and some empty spots for future sales.

Like I said , goals and fun make us better at what we do.

Photo credits: Dave Willman.

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August 28, 2008


great job! Some day I may get to where you are.

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